Meet The Internet Video Stars: Hak5 & TechnoBuffalo

This was so much fun to do. Veronica Henry, a talented freelance writer, contacted me to do a piece about Hak5 and my job.

Her questions really brought out my passions for technology and entertainment, and I hope my answers help upcoming individuals that want to start doing video podcasts.

You can read the full article here:

Meet The Internet Video Stars: Hak5 & TechnoBuffalo

Hak5 1108 - Proxies - Part 1

This time on Hak5, we begin a special series on proxies. Caching, filtering, security or anonymity -- whatever your reasons may be, Darren and I are exploring the ins and outs of this great technology from the ground up. All that and more!


Hak5 1106 - Block Facebook Tracking, Plus NetCat and Ngrep Tricks

This time on the show, automating interactive tasks in Linux, preventing your browser sessions from being tracked, graphical command-line disk usage utilities, and pushing hex over TCP with Echo. All that and more, this time on Hak5!