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DAY 1: Set Your Intentions & Take Note of Accounts and Devices

What do you intend to accomplish with this 30 day challenge? Write down your goals and mentally prepare yourself for the work ahead.

While you have your notepad out, write down any and every account and device you can think of that you currently own. For devices, put them all in one room together, so you can see how many connected devices you own.


DAY 2: Delete Old Accounts & Factory Wipe Old Devices

Find old accounts and old devices. Use JustDelete.me for help deleting online accounts. If you forgot your password, try to get a new password, log in, then delete those accounts.

Factory wipe old devices for reselling or e-recycling.


DAY 3: Protect Your Home Network & Create a Guest Network

Log into modem and/or router and set up WPA instead of WEP. Make your administrator login details different than the details your guests use to log into the WiFi in your home. Change your SSID and password settings. Create a guest network (for your friends!)


DAY 4: Who's on My Network? IoT Security

Log back into your admin interface and check who's on your network. Kick off any unknown devices. If any of 'em were actually your devices, just log them back in with new SSID settings. For IoT / guests - ONLY use the guest network. Your PC and personal devices can be on internal network.


DAY 5: Setting Up Encryption, Lock Screens, FindMyDevice & Auto Updating

Personal devices - phones / laptops. Set up encryption if not by default. Set up lock screen if not already turned on. Which lock screen option is best? Set up Find My Device accounts so if your device is stolen, you can remotely wipe it.


DAY 6: Turn Off Bluetooth / NFC / Wireless

Turn off Bluetooth. Turn off NFC. Turn off auto connect to known wireless access points. Forget networks you don't normally connect to. 


DAY 7: AntiVirus and AntiMalware Software Apps

Choose an Antivirus and Antimalware software app you like and download it. Turn on auto scans. Turn on auto updates. 


DAY 8: Time For A Better Browser

Use a new, secure browser. Set it as default browser. Port existing bookmarks. Set up auto updates for browser. Set home page as privacy friendly search site. Delete any details saved in browser.


DAY 9: Set Up Privacy and Security Extensions in Browser

Download new extensions for your browser, including HTTPS Everywhere, Privacy Badger, AdBlock, Etc. Use recommended settings, and never run more than 2 to 3 privacy extensions at once.


DAY 10: Using Proper Internet Hygiene

Don't click on shit. Be skeptical.


DAY 11: Set Up Privacy Conscious Smartphone Apps

Switch to privacy focused smartphone app providers such as Signal, Brave Browser, and Tunnel Bear. Opt into privacy settings on apps like WhatsApp. Turn on and use a VPN.


DAY 12: Set Up A Privacy Friendly Cloud Backup Solution

Choose a privacy friendly cloud backup solution that offers zero knowledge policies and encryption in transit. Start encrypting data that is stored in the cloud with non-zero knowledge providers.


DAY 13: Set Up A Password Manager

Download and set up a password manager of your choice. Add all of your existing passwords to the new password manager.


DAY 14: Generate New Passwords For All Of Your Online Accounts

Generate them with the new password manager if possible, or create your own. EACH ONE MUST BE DIFFERENT.


DAY 15: Set Up Two Factor Authentication

Download and install recommended two factor authentication app. Sign up for two factor authentication wherever possible.


DAY 16: Set Up A VPN

Use a VPN for most, if not all, internet usage. Learn about researching VPNs and where to find information on collected data. Pro Tip: create your own VPN.


DAY 17: Clean Out Your Friends Lists

Clean out your friends list so you  have less chance of phishing from old friends, more privacy among smaller group of friends and family.


DAY 18: Go Through Third Party App Permissions and OAuth Services

Delete any third party permissions from accounts that you no longer need. Check remaining ones for updates.


DAY 19: Clean Up Social Network Privacy Pt 1: Twitter, Snapchat, Youtube, Google

Double check PW / 2FA, turn off extra services, check privacy settings for playlists, private messages, and account tweets or posts.


DAY 20: Clean Up Social Network Privacy Pt 2: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Other Accounts

Double check PW / 2FA, turn off extra services, check privacy settings for playlists, private messages, account tweets or posts.


DAY 21: Create An Account on Have I Been Pwned

Learn what accounts have been breached or were part of a leak of data. Sign up for notifications for future hacks.


DAY 22: Email Privacy and Security

Choose a better email provider, delete old emails and/or accounts that you no longer need. Change other online accounts to new email address. Remove contacts you don't need.


DAY 23: Set Up a PGP Private / Public Key Pair

Set up a PGP Private / Public Key pair with Keybase to send encrypted messages via email.


DAY 24: How to Spot a Phishing Email

Be skeptical of emails, links, and downloads.


DAY 25: Spot Fake Support Calls / Social Engineering Attacks

Be skeptical of unsolicited phone calls about computer support, or ultra-friendly strangers asking about commonly used security question / answers.


DAY 26: Spot ATM Skimmers / Freeze Credit History

An overview on freezing your credit history at top credit unions, plus how to spot ATM skimmers.


DAY 27: Opt Out of Yellow Page Public Information

An overview on opting out of "yellow page-type" websites to better protect your personal information.


DAY 28: Invest in a Faraday Bag / RFID Blocking Wallet / Purse

Where to buy an RFID blocking wallet or faraday bag, and what they are used for.


DAY 29: Upgrade to a Privacy Friendly Operating System / Change OS Settings

How to change your operating system settings to be more secure and private. Pro Tip: Upgrading to a privacy friendly operating system is also a plus.


DAY 30: Review / Share With Friends / Take It Farther with these Resources

You've completed the challenge! Share this with friends and family, teach others what you've learned, and go farther with links and resources.

Congrats! You deserve it!