Hi! Welcome to my website! I'm a tech and information security podcast host and producer on the internet. Check out the links for more info.

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WhoIs: Shannon Morse

Photo credit: Marilee.co

Photo credit: Marilee.co

With a love for theater and technology, I found my career in Online Media as a host and producer. For the past decade, I've honed my skills as a presenter with a focus on security, technology, and DIY. I'm an advocate for women in tech and I welcome beginners. Read on:

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Photo Credit:   marilee.co

Photo Credit:  marilee.co

I've had the opportunity to work with many online podcasting networks as a host and a producer, and I've guest hosted on several shows over the years. Read more on my Portfolio: 

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My Ramblings

I've got a lot of thoughts on my mind, and sometimes I like to share those thoughts. :) My writings are random - from reviews about fashion to things I've learned about life, I like to share what I think! You can read my blog at the link below:

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