Shannon Morse is an online content producer with an emphasis on security and privacy, consumer technology, and travel. She is an entrepreneur whose goal is to inspire others to live life to the fullest while not sacrificing their identity, ethics, or privacy. She has reviewed hundreds of consumer tech products and helped multiple businesses as a show host, event speaker, influencer and brand ambassador.

Shannon currently hosts her self titled Youtube Channel, ThreatWire on Hak5, and her Sailor Moon fandom show, Sailor Snubs. Her channel has over 2 million minutes in watch time with over 600,000 views. She has hosted on channels with over 500,000 subscribers, and been a guest on channels over the million mark.

Shannon engages live audiences as a keynote speaker and she uses her platforms to promote diversity in information security and technology sectors, and advocates for women in the industry. Her transparency and honesty on social media has created a strong following of friends, supporters, and fans.

When Shannon was a youngin’…


She grew up in a middle income household with an Army officer father and a stay at home / working mother. Her father introduced her to computers at a very early age. She built her first computer around the age of nine and later went on to teach herself HTML and simple coding while building websites dedicated to her favorite fandoms. Her mother supported her passion for entertaining others - either in front of a home video camera or on a stage for community theater plays. She was voted Best Actress of her high school graduating class and is a life long thespian. Since the family moved around every few years, Shannon learned early on how to be extroverted, making friends immediately with the local kids. Shannon knew she wanted to be an actress or a singer, or both.


Shannon graduated high school and went on to a state college, majoring in Restaurant and Hospitality Administration. While the degree did not fall inline with her core passions, the business assets learned from her alma mater taught her important factors for entrepreneurship. Her part time and full time jobs during school helped her develop leadership skills and understand business ethics. After graduating university in 2008, Shannon worked at a bank as a credit card processing technician and tech support for hundreds of local merchants. She networked with early podcasters and joined the ranks of Hak5 in 2008. This move merged her two early passions, theater and technology, into a career that didn’t exist just 3 years prior - online media production.

Her Career


After college, Online Media felt like the perfect combination of both technology and entertainment. She has been podcasting since 2008 and is an influencer in consumer technology and internet security. Her expertise include hardware reviews and how-tos, PC builds, tutorials for network administration and security / privacy, world travel, gaming, and geek culture.

Currently, Shannon hosts Threat Wire (independent); Sailor Snubs; and her own show, self titled. Shannon is an editor for shows on her own channels and is proficient in Adobe Premiere Pro as well as camera operations. She is also a licensed amateur radio enthusiast. KM6FPP.

Shannon is a public speaker, most notably keynoting AusCERT 2017, Linux Conf AU 2019, and giving talks for WISP (Women in Security and Privacy), and various panels. She is an advocate for women in technology fields.

She has made appearances on several podcasts and shows on popular networks like TWiT, Revision3, Nvidia GeForce, MatPat's Game Lab, Modern Rogue and CNET. Shannon has been an extra in Jason Bourne, Algorithm, and Unleashed. A full hosting and guest portfolio can be found via the link above.

Shannon lives in San Francisco with her husband and two cats. She likes anime, video games, astronomy, computers, geek culture, frappucinos, and fried southern food. In her spare time, she loves to play video games, study Japanese culture and learn the Japanese language. She's a huge bookworm, an atheist, a couponer, and a clean freak.

Shannon is welcome to interviews, speaking engagements and guest hosting spots! If interested in an opportunity to interview Shannon or have her guest host on your podcast, please send her a message via the contact form.