The following shows are independently owned and operated by Shannon Morse with the exception of ThreatWire which is owned by Hak5. All of the below channels are currently producing quality content for a diverse audience. For statistical information, please download the media kit above.

My self titled channel focuses on travel and technology. Each technology / gadget episode delves into consumer tech reviews or overviews, with an emphasis on security and privacy. The transparent and honest reviews have created a devoted core base of viewers (Smores!) with long watch times. Travel vlogs, product recommendations and expert advice make this channel a must-watch for travel lovers who enjoy technology.

I am also on Twitter and Instagram.

My channel is available for sponsors and product reviews. Smores on Patreon also help fund this show.


Sailor Snubs is a bi-weekly video show about the Sailor Moon franchise fandom. Each episode focuses on Sailor Moon news, reviews, or how-to’s. Unboxings and collectible reviews are the most popular videos on the channel, averaging hundreds of views and thousands of hours of watch time each. Sailor Snubs is community oriented, taking to task thorough tutorials explaining how to purchase Japanese anime goods while living in North America. The channel continues to grow exponentially and has offered giveaways from brands such as Viz Media and Tokyo-based Sailor Moon Store. This anime-inspired show is available for sponsors or product reviews.

Sailor Snubs is also on Twitter and Instagram.


ThreatWire by Hak5 launched in 2012 as a quick weekly dose of news about security, privacy, and what is threatening the freedom of our Internet. We all want to know what kind of laws are being passed to inhibit our internet freedom and privacy. We are the targets of hacks small and large. If you're like me, you want to know what threats are currently residing in the connected world. That’s where ThreatWire comes into play. Each episode has well over 10,000 views, with some hot topics hitting 50,000 or more. ThreatWire is not sponsored.

ThreatWire is completely funded by my Patreon community.