I've been a guest on several internet media shows. Check out the following episode links for more information! If interested in an interview opportunity or guest hosting, please contact me via email or twitter!


Sailor Snubs - Shannon Morse - Host, Producer, Editor, Owner (2018-Current)

Nvidia Geforce - Host (2017-Current)

Snubs Report - Shannon Morse - Host, Producer, Editor, Owner (2016-Current)

Hak5 - Hak5 - Host, Producer, Editor, and Store Manager (2008-Current)

HakTip - Hak5 - Host, Editor and Producer (2012-Current)

TekThing - TekThing - Host, Editor and Producer (2015-Current)

Threat Wire - Hak5 - Host, Editor and Producer (2015-Current)

Daily Tech News Show - Contributor (2017-Current)

SGNL by Sony - Sony - Host (2014-2016)

Tekzilla - Discovery Digital - Host (2014-2014)

Coding 101 - TWiT.tv - Host (2014-2014)

Before You Buy - TWiT.tv - Host and Producer (2012-2014)

Bite Club Show  - Independent - Host (2010-2013)

Threat Wire (old version) - Hak5 - Host (2012-2013)

Know How... - TWiT.tv - Producer (2013-2014)


Sorted in Reverse Chronological Order



Lindalee Rose - Gallifrey One 30th Anniversary Fan Interviews

Linux Conf Au - Keynote - Christchurch, New Zealand - Personal Branding for the Security Conscious

Nvidia Geforce CES 2019 Coverage (Playlist)

Modern Rogue - Stealing Data Over Open Wifi

Modern Rogue - USB Drive That Steals Files

Modern Rogue - How To Buy Restricted Goods (And Get Lower Prices)


The CyberWire Daily Podcast

A Closer Look at the Corsair 5180 Gaming PC - Nvidia Geforce

Introducing the Alienware m15 Gaming Laptop - Nvidia Geforce

Kraken Con 2018 Tribute - AnimeCons TV

First Look: the ASUS ROG Zephyrus S GX531 with Max-Q Design - Nvidia Geforce

Nvidia Gamescom 2018 Coverage - Nvidia Geforce

Nvidia Gamescom 2018 Event Live Stream from Koln, Germany - Nvidia Geforce

Diana Initiative Keynote Speaker - Personal Branding as an Infosec Influencer - Building a Career from Scratch

DEF CON Ethics Village Panel - Diversity and Equality in Infosec

The New 2018 Razer Blade Overview - Nvidia Geforce

Sexual Harassment at Conventions - AnimeCons TV

Tech Hangout Live with Shannon Morse from Hak5 - Go Cell Phone Repair

HTC Vive Pro VR Gaming with Shannon Morse - CES 2018 - Liron Segev

This is Only a Test - Episode 432 Just For The Taste Of It - 1/18/18

How Stuff Works: TechStuff - CES 2018 Roundup



Mobile Tech Podcast: Honor 7X, OnePlus 5T, Pixelbook, and Net Neutrality with Shannon Morse of TekThing and Hak5

RMP Ep 145: Nine Months of Negative Labor

How Stuff Works: TechStuff - The DEF CON Story

The Parallax: Why Hackers Love Your WiFi (And How You Can Protect It)

CNET: Unbelievable (but true) Ways To Get Hacked

DTNS 3049: Was Boston too Dynamic for Alphabet?

AusCERT 2017: United We Stand: Women and Diversity in CyberSecurity

AusCERT2017: Exploiting the Universal Attack Vector Keynote

Venture Beat: Star Trek Bridge Crew

Nvidia Geforce: Star Trek Bridge Crew VR Update: First Impressions

DTNS 2989: WhatsApp With Browser Security?

The Computer Business Podcast: Product Recommendation Tips

DTNS 2974: Cloudy with a Chance of Flare

DTNS 2959: ICVV What You Did There

DTNS 2939: CES Kicks Off


DTNS 2936: Predictions for 2017

Cordkillers: It's spoilerin' Time

Cordkillers: 143 Three Scotch Challenge


DTNS 2874: NSA Say - Yahoo Do

DTNS 2810: Mr Robot Gets It Right

Geeks University: How to Learn as You Go with Shannon Morse

TechStuff: The Worst Hacking Scenes from Hollywood Pt 2

TechStuff: The Worst Hacking Scenes from Hollywood Pt 1

Tennessee College of Applied Technology: Interview with Shannon Morse

MatPat's Game Lab: Are YOU Being Hacked?! (Watch Dogs 2)

ChrisAsbury.com: Interview with Shannon Morse

DTNS 2788: Hacker Curious

Current Geek 95

DTNS 2776: Fadell Leaves the Nest

TechStuff: Hacking for Dollars with Shannon Morse

AnimeCons.TV: Episode 817 - Spring Kraken Con 2016 Report

DTNS 2731: Kill this Bill`

The Feed with Amber MacArthur: 039 with Shannon Morse

SecureNinja TV: Hak5 Studio Takeover During RSA 2016

Way Back When Podcast: Episode 4

Jason Bourne: Extra / IMDB

Tech News Today 1437: Facebook Gets Feelings

TechStuff: CES 2016

SGNL by Sony: CES 2016

AT&T Hackathon with Geek's Life Luria Petrucci


Unleashed: Extra / IMDB

SGNL by Sony: New at CEDIA - Sony's STR-ZA5000ES

Cydefe Ep 19: The One With Shannon Morse

Best Pitch I Ever Got: Shannon Morse

GeeksLife: How to Be Comfortable Being YOU with Shannon Morse

DTNS 2564: Sorrify

SGNL By Sony: IFA 2015: The Xperia Z5 and Z5 Compact

SGNL By Sony: IFA 2015: First 4k Smartphone! The Xperia Z5 Premium

SGNL By Sony: IFA 2015: New h.ear on Hi Res Headphones

All About Android 224: Why You No NFC?

DTNS 2413: Breaking Drones

All About Android 200: What's For Dinner?

DIY Tryin: Best Winter Apps for Android

Tekzilla Bites CES 2015: The Safety of Hydrogen Fuel Vehicles

Tekzilla Bites CES 2015: The Future of Filling Up

Tekzilla Bites CES 2015: Powering a Home with Your Car

Tekzilla Bites CES 2015: The Road to Hydrogen Infrastructure

Tekzilla Bites CES 2015: The Science Behind Hydrogen Fuel

Tekzilla Bites CES 2015: Toyota's Big Announcement


DIY Tryin: Make Your Gloves Work With A Smart Phone!

 SGNL 2014 Holiday Gift Guide: Presents for Techies 

 How Stuff Works: TechStuff with Shannon Morse

 The Busy Creator Podcast: Episode 19

 Algorithm: the_hacker_movie: Extra / IMDB

 Quest for Peace Ep 11: Shannon Morse Interview

 Fandom Beat's Behind Anime Lines: Sailor Moon Crystal

 Night Attack Ep 21: The Watchening

 DTNS 2273: Spark Up The Internet

 DTNS 2243: The Coming Home Automation Wars

 The Social Hour: Gigaom's Mathew Ingram, Heartbleed Woes, Dropbox's Carousel

 Get Nerdy With It: Episode 35

 Red Touch Media at CES 2014: A Chat with Hak5

 AnimeCons TV - SacAnime Winter 2014

 Radio School on Talk 910

 Tech News 2Night: Friends Don't Let Friends Use XP

 Tech News 2Night: Cyborg Cockroaches

 Tech News 2Night: Big Dog Goes Hollywood

 Tech News 2Night: Obama Reforms The NSA - Or Did He?


Tekzilla: Top 5 Holiday Travel Security Tips!

New Years Eve Event: Jedi Training With the Golden Gate Knights

All About Android: Another Tutorial

Game of Geeks: Alpha Episode 1

Before You Buy #90: LG G2, Nokia Lumia 925, and More!

Before You Buy #89: iPhone 5s, Nvidia Shield, and More!

Before You Buy #88: Acer Aspire S7 and More!

iPad Today #167: iOS 7 Security, Scanner Pro, and More!

GeekBeat LIVE #110

downLOADED: Hyperloop-Fail

Women in Tech, Gaming, and New Media at Revision3 and TestTube

TWiT Live Specials 162: E3 (Producer)

The Social Hour 115: Facebook Hashtags, Foursquare Time Machine, and more!

Tech News Today 793: Baby Browsing eBay

Know How... 50: Encrypt Your Email with PGP 

 Frame Rate 125: You're Watching it Wrong

Tech News Today 756: Ubuntu on Your Face 

NSFW 178: Disgorious Shannonagans 

downLOADED: Google's Hollywood Debut and more! 

 Tech News Today 692: Linux Gets Steamy

 The Social Hour 96: OpenTable Buys FoodSpotting, International Rdio, Dribbble

 Soldier's Tech Battlefield: Ubuntu Phone OS w/ Special Guest Shannon Morse

 Tech Feed News: Is Your Webcam SPYING On You?

 Tech Feed News: Automate Your Home with New Belkin Products at CES 2013

 DNews: Fitness Tech at CES 2013


Tech News Today: 649: Right To Assembly

NSFW: 151: The First Annual Creepass Halloween Special

iPad Today 123: Wedding Apps! Mini beating Retina, Kumo Lumo

This Week in Tech 377: When Did I Like a Goat?

 AppJudgment ep 500: The Best iPad Mini Leaked Photos Yet!

Tech News Today: 599: Tom's Twitter Dumb

 AppJudgment: Android Gaming Wikipad

 SSH To Your Heart - Spring 2012 - Dale Chase ft. Shannon Morse (MUSIC) - (VIDEO)

 Tech News Today: 562: Microsoft Cake

 NSFW: 140: Moustache Sniffers

  Scam School: Fishing for Sharks

Tech News Today: 531: Falling for Glass

Tech News Today: 499: You Can't Do That, We're Rich!

Tech News Today: 454: Too Big to Fail Whale

FourCast: 112: The Nanobots Made My Brain Do It

NSFW: 124: Whoa Mute Shannon!

What It's Like: 85: Shannon Morse

Tech News Today: 428: Friend Facebook Financially

Revision3: CES 2012 LIVE Show Day 2


New Challenger: Q&A With Shannon Morse

New Challenger: Amy Review: SUCH A BAD GAME w/ Hak5 Shannon

Revision3: Haunted Houses!

Revision3: Shannon and Starbuck

Buzz Out Loud: 1031: Happy SysAdmin Day

Tech News Today: 195: Those Darn Thieving Glassblowers

FourCast: 44: Humanity Is Saved!

Scam School: Probability Laws Get You Free Drinks

Tekzilla: Stop WiFi Hacking!

Barely Relevant: 58: Special Guest Shannon Morse

Make Magazine (Cameo): The Heart of MakerFaire

Woot (Cameo): Woot Bags of Crap at Shmoocon

Hak5: FAIL: The 19 Weirdest Products from CES 2011

On Deck: On the Show Floor with the Crew of Hak5

 Steve Saylor: The 39 - Packet Loss Audiobook


Buzz Out Loud: 1289: Facebook's Momentary Lapso of Evil

On Deck: Catching Up with Hak5 at CES 2010

Tekzilla Daily Tip: Top 7 Weirdest, Wackiest Gadgets from CES 2010

Random Stuff I've Been In

 AusCERT2017: You are the universal attack vector  

 CES 2016: Top 100 Influencers and Brands

  Brand Loyalty is for Suckers - 2015

  Shannon Morse Demo Reel

  100 Great Tech Podcasters to Follow On Twitter

  Halloween at TWiT 2013 

  Hands on With the Oculus Rift

  Meet the Internet Video Stars: Hak5 & TechnoBuffalo - 2012

  Shannon Morse of Hak5 - 2010

  Shannon of Hak5 Demonstrates the New Wifi Pineapple - 2011

  A Fan Video - 2010

  Shannon Morse Montage - 2010

  Shannon Morse Montage 2 - 2010

Theatre Work

An Irish Italian Wedding (Dinner Theatre) - Summer 2010 - Maid of Honor

Black Comedy - Fall 2004 - Concessions

Candid Shots - Spring 2004 - Student Director

The Subject was Roses - Winter 2004 - Concessions

The Dark At The Top Of The Stairs - Winter 2004 - Flirt Conroy, Publicity, Set Construction

On Golden Pond - Fall 2003 - Props Crew

Pure as the Driven Snow - Fall 2003 - Mrs. Faith Hogue, Female Understudy

Into the Woods - Spring 2003 - Cinderella

A Christmas Carol - Winter 2002 - Julia (Scrooge's neice-in-law)

Sabrina Fair - Fall 2002 - Gretchen Larrabee

Heaven Can Wait - Spring 2002 - Bette Logan

Anne of Green Gables - Winter 2001 - Light Technician

Crucible - Fall 2001 - Betty Parris

Harvey - Spring 2001 - Ms. Johnson, Stage Grip, and Female Understudy

Brave New World - Winter 2000 - Assistant House Manager

Miracle Worker - Fall 2000 - Youngest Blind Girl

Wizard of OZ - Summer before 7th grade - Munchkin Lullaby League and Jitterbug