How Kaiser Permanente Took $1000 From Me
I got this email from Kaiser Member services:
Hi Shannon,
After reviewing your enrollment information it appears that the enrollment effective date of 07/01/14 is correct. Since the implementation of Affordable Care Act (ACA) you are only able to enroll with a health care provider during open enrollment periods. Since you recently were married in June you met the qualification to enroll with us due to meeting the criteria of a "Special Enrollment Period." Since your marriage qualified you to enroll your effective date of coverage would unfortunately have to be 07/01/14. Normally the ACA open enrollment period is  October 1, 2013 to March 31, 2014 for coverage to become effective as early as 01/01/14.
Since you expressed dissatisfaction of being billed  for coverage you indicated you didn't need nor known you'd have I am escalating a case to our Member Case Resolution Center (MCRC) for a Case Manager to review. The complete process may take up to 30 days: however, the Case Manager may contact you much sooner if further information is needed or if the resolution comes prior to the 30 days. Please let us know if you have any further questions or concerns and I apologize for the confusion you've had with your enrollment.
Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to assist,
Jamison James
Senior Health Plan Representative
Member Services Social Media Unit
Follow us: @KPMemberService
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StitchFix #10 Review - How To Get The Most From Your StitchFix
Today, I'm reviewing my 10th StitchFix box. So I've been ordering these boxes of surprises every month for almost a year, and I'm still loving it! What is it? StitchFix is an online styling service for women. You sign up and fill out a profile. The more information you give, the better your Fixes will be. I gave them a bunch of pros and cons on my profile, so they know what to send me and what not to. Boxes are $20 and you can get them as often or not as you want. That $20 goes towards your purchase of any items in the box and shipping is free both ways. You can keep 1, 2, or 5 items from each box (for a total of five items sent). If you keep all five, you get a 25% discount off the clothes. If you have a friend sign up with your referral link, you also get a $25 credit. Yay!
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Shannon Morse Comment
StitchFix #9 Review
I've got StitchFix #9 and Amber did a great job styling for me! I asked her to send fit-and-flare dresses for my Valentine's Day date, and she succeeded! Here are my five items from StitchFix. Remember, if you ever want to try out StitchFix for yourself, use my code to get your first box fast and I get a $25 referral credit! It's only $20 for a box and that purchase goes towards the price of any item you keep. Shipping is free both ways.

Melody Pearls & Branches Earrings 28 - These are very cute and sparkly, and lightweight! Keep!

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