Best Gaming TVs, New 49 Inch Dell U4919DW Monitor, Pocketalk Translator vs. Google Translate!!! - TekThing 215

Best Gaming TVs! Google Translate Alternative??? Meet Pocketalk! New 49 Inch Dell U4919DW Monitor, VPN Blocks My Bank?


00:47 CamelCamelCamel’s $45,000 Drive Disaster

It was a rough week for, the ever so awesome Amazon price tracking service. In the words o' TekThing viewer Don, “Well here's s a good reason to back up that data: $29k for data recovery.” More deets (like what happened) i the show, and we hope they’re back online this week! Go backup your data!

03:37 Dell UltraSharp 49 Inch Curved Monitor: U4919DW

Patrick’s run a 35” Dell ultrawide monitor on his desk for years. Has he finally found a monitor that’s too wide??? What makes this a better monitor for office apps and Creative Suite than other massive panels? Watch the review to find out!

10:33 Pocketalk Translator

A verbal language translator, the size of a bar of soap, that works with 74 languages over WiFi or mobile data on its own SIM card? Meet Pocketalk. Can you really have a conversation with it? Is it better than Google Translate? Watch the video to find out!

24:15 Will My Bank Work Over A VPN???

James emailed from Dallas, Texas, “If I run everything through a VPN will I still be able to log into my bank, email etc. or will they automatically think I am unauthorized?” That’s an absolute maybe! Find out more in the video.

28:02 Gaming TV Recommendation

Thomas emailed, “

I am planning on downsizing my life and moving in to a tiny home or an RV for full time living. I am a big gamer but because of the size limitations of an RV or a tiny home i don't want a TV and then a monitor as well. I know that you can get TV tuners for your computer but monitors are way more expensive then a TV. I want to get a 50+ inch TV, would love 60hz+ and would need enough inputs for my computer, Roku, PS4, PS3 at the very least so 4 but 6 HDMI inputs would be nice.” Our picks are in the video, and check out the excellent “The 7 Best 4k Gaming TVs - Winter 2019” at!

Thanks Hak5!!!

A big Thank You to Hak5 for the studio space! Check out the security and privacy podcasts at, the pentesting gear in the shop, and don’t forget: Cloud C2: makes remote pentesting easy!

31:46 Do Something Analog!

Like Terry, who preserved a fragile stained glass church window, including LED back lighting to make it glow. Nicely done!


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