Battlestations: Our Computer Desks!!! Remove Ubuntu Dual Boot, SyncToy Syncs Folders Fast! - TekThing 217

Remove Ubuntu Grub Bootloader From Windows! Computer Desks & Battlestations, Sync Folders Fast!!!


00:31 Computer Desks & Battlestations!

@umfpt tweeted, “Planning on moving into a new house and realized that I have never seen a review of that ubiquitous part of a set up, the desk. If I missed it, sorry, if not, just a suggestion!” We show off our personal ‘battlestations,’ talk standing desks (Shannon loves her UPDESK, and did a full battlestation build video around it, Patrick has a KNOTTEN in his house), ergonomics, and more in the video!

09:17 How To Completely Remove Ubuntu!

Shannon found that a dual boot Ubuntu Linux ran flawlessly on a Win10 laptop she was testing, “but when I went to uninstall it, it wasn't quite gone.” If you can’t get Ubuntu off your machine, HowToGeek’s “How to Uninstall a Linux Dual-Boot System From Your Computer” is a good start, but that Shannon needed to get her command line on to uninstall Grub and use Windows bootloader on a UEFI PC. Hope this helps some of you out, too!

16:02 SyncToy

Dave writes, “You've mentioned a few times that backing up is super important... A free tool from Microsoft that really helps keep things organized across locations is SyncToy. It's a free download that checks and copies only the files that need to be moved with a nice automated process.” Thanks, Dave! SyncToy is -ancient- but still does a great job, you just have to be careful. Find out why in the video!

23:00 Dell UltraSharp 49 User Review + Cat Barf!!!

Stephen has a terrible Roku story, and some thoughts as a graphic designer working on Dell's new 49" monitor we reviewed recently! Watch the video to find out how a “graphic designer, photographer/photo editor, motion graphic designer, 2D and 3D animator, and sketch artist” works every day with the biggest monitor we’ve ever tested, and what the cat did to his Roku in the video!

24:45 Thanks Hak5!!!

A big Thank You to Hak5 for the studio space! Check out the security and privacy podcasts at, the pentesting gear in the shop, and don’t forget: Cloud C2: makes remote pentesting easy!

27:26 Do Something Analog!

Like, Kory, who writes, “This year, in the middle I December, I traveled to Washington DC to lay wreaths at Arlington National Cemetery. The past five years I had been traveling to Bastogne and participating in the weekend long event commemorating the Battle of the Bulge.” Outstanding, Kory, and thank you for sharing the pictures!!!


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