StitchFix #9 Review

I've got StitchFix #9 and Amber did a great job styling for me! I asked her to send fit-and-flare dresses for my Valentine's Day date, and she succeeded! Here are my five items from StitchFix. Remember, if you ever want to try out StitchFix for yourself, use my code to get your first box fast and I get a $25 referral credit! It's only $20 for a box and that purchase goes towards the price of any item you keep. Shipping is free both ways.

Melody Pearls & Branches Earrings 28 - These are very cute and sparkly, and lightweight! Keep!

Pablo Velvet Lace Print Fit & Flare Dress 68 - I love the soft print on this dress and it fit me really well. Keep!

Aaliyah Velvet Zig-Zag Fit & Flare Dress 48 - This dress was a great price and the velvet zig zags are a cool addition. It fits great too! Keep!

Audrey Pearl Neckline Striped Dress 48 - This dress wasn't as flattering on me because of the stripes and the shiny fabric. I kept it anyways because it was free since I got 25% off for keeping all of my items.

Dita Sleeveless Ponte Dress 68 - I love this dress! It's stylish, and I can wear it to work because it's a little longer. Keep!

So I ended up keeping all five items and they were all very pretty. I wasn't a huge fan of the dress with the pearl neckline, but since it was cheaper to keep it than to send it back, I kept it.

Thanks StitchFix!