StitchFix #7 Review

I haven't been to the mall in about 3 months and I owe a lot of that to StitchFix. See, I don't have a lot of time to go shopping. But when I do, I spend WAY too much. So to keep myself from spending too much but still get my 'fix' for new clothes, I signed up for StitchFix.

You sign up and select your preferences for size and style. Your stylist (mine is Ishara!) sends you a box of items they've picked for you. The 'styling fee' is $20.

Try everything on at your home, then send anything you don't like back. That $20 goes towards whatever you keep, and if you keep all five items you get a 25% discount. Sweet!

Let's check out my seventh StitchFix!


Galway 3/4 Sleeve Button-Up Blouse - This cost $58 and is a simple sheer button up. It didn't fit me well because it was a little short, so I sent it back.

Beatrice Chain Knot Detail Necklace $32 - A cool, simple silver necklace. Kept!

Andrea Floral Brocade Knit Dress $68 - I love the lace detail on this dress. I kept it!

Marley Sleeveless Sheath Dress $128 - This dress was a bit out of my price range... but it fit like a sleeve... so I kept it.

Livingston Ribbed Sweater Dress $98 - Also not what I like to spend on dresses. I sent this one back. The fabric was too heavy and it was too thick for weather in San Francisco.


Not too shabby, but also not one of the best StitchFix's that I've received. I still kept three items out of the bunch.

What do you think? Have you checked out StitchFix yet? Have you had a lovely Fix you want to tell me about? Comment!

And as usual, please use my referral link! It gets you in and gets me a credit for my next Fix!