StitchFix #4 Review

Have you checked out StitchFix yet? You sign up and select your preferences for size and style. Your stylist (mine is Ishara!) sends you a box of items they've picked for you. The 'styling fee' is $20.

Try everything on at your home, then send anything you don't like back. That $20 goes towards whatever you keep, and if you keep all five items you get a 25% discount. Sweet!

Let's check out my fourth StitchFix!

I again received many great peices so I was a happy customer!


Fix #1: This is a gorgeous coral colored necklace with gold trim that I fell in love with. This is a great statement necklace for the summer months. Keep!


Fix #2: This cowlneck shirt is lightweight and a beautiful color. Obviously, a keep!


Fix #3: I'm not big on flutter sleeves (they make me feel like a child), but I love the color of this top. I was on the fence about it but in the end, decided to keep it!


Fix #4: This shirt is ADORABLE. The color isn't quite matching the necklace, so I wouldn't wear them together, but the shirt with a simple silver charm necklace would look perfect. It's hard to tell in the photograph, but the lace is crochet on top of the coral shirt, and the sleeves have beautiful beading. Keep!


Fix #5: I LOVE this skirt! I wore it the day after I received my box! It fits well, is simple and very pretty. Keep!

So, I ended up keeping all five fixes in this StitchFix! I was on the fence about the blue flutter sleeve top, but I kept it anyways, because with my 25% discount (since I bought all five items) it was a good deal.


What do you think? Have you checked out StitchFix yet? Have you had a lovely Fix you want to tell me about? Comment!

And as usual, please use my referral link! It gets you in and gets me a credit for my next Fix!


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