StitchFix #3 Review

I haven't been to the mall in about 3 months and I owe a lot of that to StitchFix. See, I don't have a lot of time to go shopping. But when I do, I spend WAY too much. So to keep myself from spending too much but still get my 'fix' for new clothes, I signed up for StitchFix.

You sign up and select your preferences for size and style. Your stylist (mine is Ishara!) sends you a box of items they've picked for you. The 'styling fee' is $20.

Try everything on at your home, then send anything you don't like back. That $20 goes towards whatever you keep, and if you keep all five items you get a 25% discount. Sweet!

Let's check out my third StitchFix!

I received many great peices in this StitchFix, so I was a VERY happy customer at the end of the day!

Fix #1: These pretty light coral jeans are so, so pretty! They are skinny jeans and look great with several of my blouses. Keep!

Fix #2: This shirt is a 3/4 sleeve with buttons up the front. The fabric was a little heavy for summer, but it works well as a pullover. It's also not as fitted, but still looks nice for work. I was on the fence about this one, but I ended up keeping it.

Fix #3: I love floral! This blouse is light fabric with a pretty floral pattern all over. It looks exceptional with the pants! Keep!

Fix #4: I LOVE THIS DRESS. It's an A-line dark navy with white polka dots. I love the little red belt that comes with it. I actually wore this on July 4 for the festivities. It's fitted very well and is a perfect little addition to my semi-formal wear. Keep!

Fix #5: I also LOVE this necklace. I don't have too many statement necklaces but this one shines. It's very classy, and it doesn't have that weird smell that some fake metals have (which I hate). It was also relatively inexpensive, around $30. I had asked StitchFix to send inexpensive accessories, and they listened!

So, I ended up keeping all five fixes in this StitchFix! I was on the fence about the second piece, the mint green shirt, but with the 25% off I actually SAVED money by buying it as well.

I paired the necklace and the dress together for my friend Nick's wedding!

What do you think? Have you checked out StitchFix yet? Have you had a lovely Fix you want to tell me about? Comment!

And as usual, please use my referral link! It gets you in and gets me a credit for my next Fix!


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