StitchFix #1

I'm a bit of a shop-a-holic, and I recently found this website called StitchFix.

Basically, you create an account and fill out an extensive profile about your likes/ dislikes, fits, styles, proportions, etc. 

Read on for my Fix and more info!


Their Facebook describes the service as: Stitch Fix has re-invented shopping, the way women really want to shop. Keep your wardrobe up-to-date with no hassle. You give us your size and style preferences, and your stylist sends you a selection of 5 items picked just for you. Try everything on at home, and only pay for what you want to keep!

Free shipping both ways and a 25% discount if you buy all 5 items.

The best part is, the box of items is $20, that $20 goes towards whatever items you purchase, and overtime your stylist will learn what you like/ dislike, eventually winning you a keeper of all five items (with that 25% discount!). Then, you share your referral link with your friends and you get a $25 credit whenever they decide to order a box.

It's like Christmas presents every month.


I got my first StitchFix about 3 months ago and this is my obligatory snapshot of what I kept and sent back!

#1: Tulip Dress - Adorable, dressy, and fun, but not made for my proportions. It got sent back.

#2: Jersey Dress - This was rather expensive for a cotton dress. It fit a lot better and I liked the skirt. I'm not big on colorblocking either... so it went back.

#3: Blouse - A cute polka dot shirt that I'd gladly wear on my podcasts, but it was a bit too big (even though it was the correct size!). Ah, another to be sent back.

#4: Silver earrings - I would have kept these but again, I was surprised by the price. The little guys were almost $50. I figured I could get something similar for half the price. Back they went!

Photo by the awesome Najeeb Mirza :)

#5: Second Blouse - I love the colors and the fabric of this blouse. It looked great with a pair of light pink jeans and some flats. Perfect for podcasting, and light enough for summer! I kept this piece. :)


All in all, not a bad service at all. This is WAY faster than going to a mall, and it's pretty fun to see what you get! I, being studious as I am, decided to look up some of the brands they send to compare prices. Their pricing is exactly the same as the brands prices- so you won't be paying MORE.

I've continued to receive StitchFix's in the mail each month so I'll post my other finds here as well.

Of course, if you want to sign up, use my referral link! It'll get you in, plus it'll get me a $25 credit!