Shannon Morse Bra Size

Hi there,

You probably found my blog by Googling a somewhat curious search term- Shannon Morse Bra Size. It's probably incorrect. Whether you stumbled upon 36D, 36DD, 34D, 34C, 36C, 36B, etc, you are most likely being lead to believe the wrong answer.



Really? Really?

It's almost impossible to just 'guess' a woman's bra size by watching a video or looking at a photo. Quit trying to look through my undergarment drawer. It's gross, and you could be doing much more productive things- like playing Diablo III or going outside. :) Please understand that (amazingly) I too, am a human being- not just some random girl on the internets. I too have a life and I really don't like spending it posting blogs about my personal information. But, alas, I'd rather see this at the top of Google than a bunch of wrong answers and perverted questions.